According to Rigoli in The Benefits of Interns: More than Coffee and Copies (2007) “What employers and managers need to realize is that they don’t have the time not to have interns. The students are highly capable of contributing all kinds of business value. And, when well-managed, the amount of time that interns contribute yields far more productivity.” See full article

For students, internships provide 'real world' career experience that gives recent graduates an advantage when it comes to the hiring process. Students with internship experience often make up over 40% of hirees who are recent college graduates.

Internships are an excellent source of future full-time talent. Partnering with INCC provides you with the opportunity to recruit all academic levels of students at local institutions.

The benefits of an internship program include:

  • Access to highly motivated pre-professionals
  • Trial employees for future full-time opportunities
  • An investment in the future of Indiana’s workforce
  • Promotion of a positive public image while playing a visible role in the local community
  • Bringing new perspectives to your business or organization
  • Finishing long overdue company and organization projects
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The INCC provides workshops, on-site evaluations and an online guide for developing productive internships for both the student and organization.

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